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Welcome to the Home of the Legendary SwamiBar!
Industry Leading Technology

Having served the RC community for over ten years, the SwamiBar has proven itself as the leading technology for wheelie control on Traxxas Trucks. The SwamiBar has consistently received rave reviews through RC forums and is proud to be the number one recommended Wheeliebar for the Traxxas Electric Stampede, Rustler, Bandit and Slash.

Laid Back or Full Bend?

The traditional full bend nicely tucks the wheels away and offers slightly more motor protection. However, high center of gravity (Stampede) and added power (brushless) can overpower the full bend and flip the truck onto its roof.

For higher power setups, go with the Laid Back bend.

International Orders 1-6 weeks

The Swami-RC Ultimate Wheelie Bar

The same quality construction of the the Original Swami-Bar, now with Anodized aluminum hubbed wheels from Traxxas. Just the right amount of bling, not to mention the highest quality wheels make this the most attractive wheelie bar option available in the market today. These wheels normally retail for $20 alone. Now available in Red or Blue. This photo shows the "laid-back" style.

Assembly Instructions

Fits Electric Stampede, Rustler and Bandit. Also fits Slash (laid-back only)
Note that a 5mm hex driver/wrench is necessary for assembly.

Wheel Color


The Swamibar

Nothing compares to the legendary durability, fit and finish of the Swami-Bar. It blows away the competition.
6061-T6 Aluminum. This photo shows the "full bend" style.

Assembly Instructions

Fits Electric Stampede, Rustler and Bandit. Also fits Slash (laid-back only)



The Swamibar with Deflector

Just like the Legendary Swamibar, but with an additional rock deflector, which protects the rear brace from underside attacks. Fits the Stampede Only. 6061-T6 Aluminum

Assembly Instructions

Fits Electric Stampede.



The Swamibar Full-Brace Edition

This extreme strength upgrade replaces the Stampede's Plastic wheel brace and adds an aluminum wheeliebar all in once piece. 6061-T6 Aluminum
This photo shows a special flat chassis model. By default, this part is designed for fit with the standard Stampede chassis.

Assembly Instructions

Fits Electric Stampede



All Metal - Steel/Aluminum Differential Gear

High power setups demand the strength that steel gears provide. All metal construction sets this beast apart from other offerings on the market. Do you want a thin steel ring ready to flex off and shred away from a plastic body, or do you want ALL METAL?

A hardening process applied to the steel ring makes this suitable to run against a steel idler gear if desired.

Fits Electric Stampede, Rustler, Slash and Bandit


SwamiBar Skid Plate - Full Bend Same skid plate used on The Swamibar - Attractive Full Bend for maximum protection.. $9.99
SwamiBar Skid Plate - Laid Back Same skid plate used on The Original Swamibar and Ultimate. $9.99
Deflector Skid Plate - Full Bend Stampede ONLY. Full Bend Deflector Skid Plate $10.99
Deflector Skid Plate - Laid Back Stampede ONLY. Laid Back Deflector Skid Plate $10.99
Full Brace Skid Plate - Full Bend Same skid/brace used on the Swamibar Full-Brace Edition.  Plate Only.  Full Bend $24.99
Full Brace Skid Plate - Laid Back Same skid/brace used on the Swamibar Full-Brace Edition.  Plate Only.  Laid Back $24.99
SwamiBar Axle Axle for Original and The Ultimate SwamiBar (can be used with 5mm hub Traxxas Wheels) $11.50
Wheels Rubber wheels used an Original SwamiBars $4.00
Hardware Kit Hardware Includes (2) Wheel Bolts, (2) Nylock Nuts, (2) Axle Bolts, (1) Wrenches, you must supply 5mm wrench $1.50
Replacement parts are available. Just Email